General info
This page contains the most recent info on the Custom Wheels project as well as a quick overview of the most commonly asked questions.
* When we complain about not receiving technical information from Houston, we also have to report when the information has been provided. We gladly announce that the blueprints of the front and rear wheels have been received! Thank you Mr Wynne and Mr Espey.
Basic project info
The project info consists of a downloadable ZIP file containing two files: the presentation and a Word document with additional info on the project.
Project information and participation
* In the Word document that is part of the information set is a questionaire. Please send the questionaire wether you are interested or not. This helps determining the global interest.
* Sending in the questionaire is mandatory when owners want to participate in the project
* Copy the questionaire from the Word file and paste it into an e-mail message.
* Use only your personal "home" e-mail address when sending the form. This is the e-mail address the project will use to communicate with you. Do not use a private mail address nor use private mail from a forum as this may complicate future communication.
Project estimated progress
* We have received request for extending the registration period. Of course we like to help.
* New: No deadline until production starts.
Project facts & updates
February 15, 2011
* While preparing for Eurofest 2011, other tasks are still on the go. Almost all owners who applied in 2008 have replied to the questions asked. By now the counter has stopped at 10 owners still in the project.
* We found a new way enabling us to show the new wheels in detail: make use of prototyping. As soon as the data for 16" and 17" is available an attempt will be made to have demo wheels manufactured. Keep an eye on this page of our site for more news.
June 16, 2010
* Last Friday I have been visiting a UK based wheel manufacturer. I have supplied them with a front and rear wheel so they know how they look. Now the manufacturer is going to review our drawings and belonging technical data to see if they can use their standard production moulds or not. In the case of 'not', they will have to make all mould parts to ensure the wheels correct looks. As before we're moving forward.
* Since the request for information went out to the owners who have committed to buying on production's start, only a third have replied. The remaining owners will shortly receive a reminder to provide data necessary for invoicing.
* We all suffer from the current recession. It will be helpful if you make us aware of changes in your personal situation that cause to put your commitment on hold. Tell us what you want us to do. We understand your concern and prudence.
March 19, 2010
* March 18th we have e-mailed all owners who registered their interest and commitment. The purpose is to check their whereabouts (also e-mail) and commitment. We're still moving on!
* You still can participate, so register using the questionnaire with the Powerpoint presentation.
November 20, 2009
* Unfortunate delay! The manufacturer is not going to use our digital info to make the wheels. He wants to redo the drawings as parts do not fit the base moulds they are using. If this impacts the looks of the wheel, we have to consider how to proceed.
* As the deadline moves forward, we feel no need to keep a registration deadline. So, should you want to enter the program, get the info presentation and send in the questionnaire.
* It's only delay, not the end.
July 16, 2009
* Progress!!! A new manufacturer has been approached for our project.
* We're now negotiating quality, quantity and finish of the product.
* Time to market is shorter. From start of production approx. 6 weeks to delivery.
* As a first result: lower number of owners needed. 30 owners agreeing advance payment now will do.
* New deadline set for registration: September 30st 2009
March 15, 2009
* Owners still apply for the project, overlooking the fact that the participation dead line has passed. I have decide to enter all new participation requests to the existing list. Perhaps we have a chance to reach the necessary number of 100 this way.
* I regret there has been a rather significant delay in transfering the blueprint data into computer data. However the 16" wheel data are transfered and sent to a number of CNC machining companies. I am awaiting their cost offer.
* We all know Chip Foose and the work he does on cars. Chip also designs wheels. Because of that I have sent an e-mail to his company inquiring the possibility of having his company manufacture (CNC) the wheels for the USA. Unfortunately up to now there has been no reply.
October 15,2008
Below you will find the text of the e-mail message sent to all owners that registered for participating in the project. The same text also has been sent to the DML and DMCTalk fora:
Below you will find the results I have sent to all who have sent in the questionaire for this project.
Regrettably the project's intended wheel moulding will be "on hold" until we feel there will be a better chance to get the necessary number of owners to restart the project.

Should you now want to apply for the prototypes, use the below info.

"Dear Participants,

The registration of your interest in the DeLorean Custom Wheels project is closed since September 30st 2008.
I regret having needed more time to come with the results of the questionnaires received for this project.
However I finally have been able to collect the information and make the results available to you.

At the end of the extended period for registration the following results were noted:
22 owners have replied, of which
16 owners pledged with a full "yes"
3 owners said "perhaps"
1 owner is yet indecisive
2 owners said plain "no"

In the "yes" group also is DMC Midwest with two sets of Custom Wheels.
Though I also have approached the DMC HQ and the other DMC affiliates, I did not received a reply from them up to now.

From the owners that pledged a "yes", some are willing to by prototype wheels, even at higher cost.
This number counts 4, including one "perhaps".
Should you wish to reconsider your current choice and are interested in buying a set of prototypes, let me know.
You will be added to prototype buyers information list.

I will contact the owners, who want to pay for the prototypes, in a separate mail.
This will happen as soon as the electronic wheel data is ready and CNC machining companies have sent in their quotes.
The prototypes will be made anyway, even if this is only for a couple of owners willing to pay a higher price.
Please accept that this will take some time.
I estimate you will receive information before the year's end.
I will keep you informed about price, shipping cost and availability date.

A copy of this report will also be placed on the forum.

I thank the owners, who took the time and trouble to reply and/or participate, for trusting me.

DeLorean Car Projects,
Welmoed Jonker
September 5, 2008
* A definite "Yes" or "Most likely" answer totals now to 16 sets of wheels
* Owners who replied "Consider" total 3
* Owners who said "No" count 2
* Quality copies of the stock wheel blueprints have been received
* Cad designers have been asked to make an offer for the cost and time needed to transfer the stock wheel data into CAD and adapt the design to meet the specs for 16" and 17" wheels. The offers have to be received before September 30, 2008.
Project short "why" and "how" list
* Almost or no stock wheels available
* Difficulties finding tires for stock wheels
* Handling 'issues' with stock wheels
* Larger size wheels make finding various brand tires at competitive prices easier
* New Custom Wheels and tires will not exceed current stock measurements
* New wheels not hitting wheel well: prevented by lowering sidewall tires
* Better contact due to stiffer wheels (lower sidewalls, less "drag")
Project participation and payment
* Owners who want to have new Custom Wheels have to participate in the project by sending the questionare before September 30st 2008 and committing to buying a set of Custom Wheels.
* NO PAYMENT to be made UNTIL actual production starts
* When production starts payment according to the amount provided in the questionaire has to be transfered into the bank account of DeLorean Car Projects within 10 days from notification.
* Payment only covers the cost of a set of wheels (rims); it does not cover tires and transport to the participants.
Project product safety and warranty
* Custom Wheels will be subject to and comply with the safety rules and regulations set by the European Community.
* Custom Wheels will be guaranteed by the manufacturer to be free of defects.
* DeLorean Car Projects will replace a defective wheel unless the defect is caused by normal wear and tear, damage due to defects of road surface, accidents, blown tires, or careless and/ or reckless handling by the owner.
* The warranty period as well as the specific terms and conditions are to be determined later.
Questions and Answers
Before asking a question by e-mail, please search the Q&A below. If you can not find an answer here, send an e-mail with your question to the e-mail adress at the botto of the Q&A list. Specify "question" in the subject of your mail. Use your personal e-mail address, not a forum alias or a forum private e-mail address.
Participation and Financial
Q: What do I buy when participating?
A: A set of wheels (rims), consisting of 2 front and 2 rear wheels; wheels are bare light metal, not coated. You have to see to powder coating in a desired color or blank finish yourself.
Q: Do I have to pay in advance?
A: You do not have to pay during development and testing phases of the project, but you have to pay when the actual mass production starts.
Q: How much do I have to pay?
A: The actual amount you have to pay depends on the number of owners that commit to buying a set of Custom Wheels. Estimates of prices for a set of wheels are provided in the presentation.
Q: When do I have to pay?
A: Owners that have committed to buying a set of Custom Wheels have to pay the amount set in the questionaire (half, full payment) the moment the actual (mass) production starts.
Q: To whom do I pay?
A: You will receive a notification shortly before the (mass) production starts. This notification also has information about the bank account to remit your payment to.
Q: How do I know when to pay?
A: You will be notified in due time.
Q: How will I know the results of the project?
A: By the end of August 2008 it will be clear whether the project is successful or failed. Participants will be informed directly. There will be a notification on this web site too.
Q: What happens with my money if the project is canceled?
A: Since you do not have to pay until the actual production starts, there are no consequenses for you or your money.
Q: When may I expect the wheels after the production has started?
A: We assume a period of 60-75 days between the start of production and availability to the market. Also count the time needed to get the wheels to you (some 5-15 days depending on the chosen transport manner and company).
Q: What do I have to pay for transport?
A: Cost for transport of a set of wheels entirely depend on the shipping company and shipping way. Air transport is expensive, sea- or land transport is cheaper. At this time it is hard to estimate these costs.
Q: What happens if the project is canceled?
A: Nothing special at least for registered participants. They will receive notice of the termination of the project. The prototype wheels however will still be designed and made. Only a couple of DeLorean owners (the designers) will then be the happy owners of very expensive larger DeLorean Custom Wheels.
Q: What are the Custom Wheel sizes?
A: The wheel sizes are: frontwheels 16"x6", offset 35mm; rear wheels 17"x8" offset 21mm
Q: Do the Custom Wheels fit on standard hubs
A: Yes; the standard hub of a DeLorean is 4 bolts patterned at 4x100 mm. The new wheels have the same pattern.
Q: Will there be problems due to the larger wheels?
A: No; while increasing the size of the wheels (from 14" to 16" and from 15" to 17") we see to it that the circumpherence remains the same by decreasing the height of the tire from 60 to 45. There will be no problems in the wheel well.
Q: Will there be a change in comfort ?
A: Yes; lower tires are stiffer and therefore the changes in road surface will be more noticeable then with stock wheels. However when your car has adjustable shocks you can make your ride as soft or as hard as you like.
Q: Will I notice a change after mounting the Custom Wheels?
A: Yes; you will be able to better "feel" what the car does. Stiffer wheels give the driver better control, feel the road and make hard cornering easier. Lower sidewalls make the car's behavior more predictable and acceleration is slighty better as the power from the engine to the tire surface has less delay due to friction.
Q: Are these Custom Wheels coated?
A: No; we supply the wheels uncoated as there are several colours used for stock wheels. Finishing the wheels in the colours an owner would like would be too expensive as it will increase the minimum number of wheel sets to produce. The buyer therefore has to see to either clear coating or a finish in the colour of his current set of stock wheels.
Q: Can I choose a matching size set of wheels?
A: No; since we target larger wheels in stock sizes and maintain the looks of the car, we have no option but to supply the wheels in 16" and 17".
Answer not found?
  Send your question to info@deloreancarprojects.com, subject "Wheels".